Staying Safe From COVID-19 If You are Diabetic

n this time of war against COVID-19, there is only one way to participate in the fight—stay safe. If you have diabetes, staying at home is more vital for you. It may be a difficult task for you to do so, but you must do this to protect yourself and your loved ones from contracting COVID-19. Below are some pointers you should consider while staying safe from the coronavirus pandemic.

Place your emergency contact on your speed dial. Always have someone you trust on your speed dial. That someone may be a family member, a close neighbor, a co-worker, or a friend who could help you in case you need a doctor or groceries. Be sure that the person knows you have diabetes and can help you if you do need it.

Create a virtual medical plan if you’re on self-quarantine. Get at least a week’s supply of your medication. You should also know how to adjust your insulin doses to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Make sure to keep a regular line of communication with your doctor and update your refills with the help of your local pharmacy. Ask your doctor if they can do virtual checks and visits.

Stock up. It is best to have a full pantry and a full freezer during the quarantine. Make sure you have extra bottled water in case your sugar levels go up too much. Also, keep a lot of sugary foods in case you crash. It is also ideal to have enough sanitizers, alcohol, and test strips.

Maintain social distancing. Always avoid standing too close to other people. Keep a good six feet-gap between you and the persons around you. Wear masks and keep a hand sanitizer ready.

Follow CDC guidelines. Such are always wash and sanitize your hands and dry them completely before testing your blood sugar levels. It is ideal to wash your hands for 20 seconds. You should also stay home and limit your contact with people. See to it that you have numbers for contacting the nearest emergency rooms in your area.

Self-quarantining is not an easy task, yet you should do it to make sure you are safe from those who could infect you. Diabetes is a chronic disease that makes your body susceptible to infections of any kind. May these pointers help you get through this difficult time as a person with diabetes. Stay safe and well.