Scientific investigators suggest that whole body vibration improves the manner by which the body assimilates glucose as its source of energy. It also hinders inflammation by adjusting our immune cells and microbiome. This is great news for those who suffer from diabetes in which inflammation and glucose levels tend to soar.

Whole body vibration produces a higher number of macrophages that impede rather than encourage inflammation. Researchers from the Dental College of Georgia and the Medical College of Georgia at the Augusta University established that whole body vibration changes the microbiome in and on our whole body, protecting us from pathogens and help improve our digestion.
Some of the changes included the heightening levels of a certain bacterium that composes short-chain fatty acids, which help the body use glucose a lot better. This report of theirs is published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. As you know, glucose is absorbed and used by the body for energy, but in exceedingly high levels, it triggers insulin insensitivity, inflammation, and then brings about diabetes.

The various changes experienced by the body because of diabetes include the dramatic increase in Alistipes of about seventeen times. Alistipes is a bacterium found in the gut. Normally, it is not in great supply, yet it is known to be great at creating short-chain fatty acids, which are efficient in reducing gut inflammation. Alistipes aids in the fermentation of food that doesn’t yield alcohol as its byproduct. It makes the gut metabolize more efficiently so that our bodies can use glucose more effectively as a primary source of energy.

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Acute inflammation aids our body in fighting diseases. On the other hand, chronic inflammation aids in triggering and protracting a number of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. The number of people suffering from inflammation-inducing Type II diabetes and obesity is increasing. While more research and trials are needed to combat these conditions, whole-body vibration could be the only safe and applicable approach for them.

M1 (macrophages that encourage inflammation) and M2 (stifles inflammation) help regulate the inflammatory response. The gut microbiome influences the inflammatory condition of macrophages and vice versa. In the mouse model of Yu and Baban, the glucose levels are extremely high. They wanted to determine if whole-body vibration would yield alterations in the microbiome and an increase in M2 macrophages. As they have hoped, they found increases in levels of inflammatory molecules and in the number of M2 macrophages. The whole body vibration even brought back the levels of M2 to normal status.

To support this, a 2017 study conducted by Dr. Alexis Stanahan and Dr. Meghan E. McGee-Lawrence of MCG, proved that whole-body vibration was similar to walking on a treadmill when it comes to enhancing bone and muscle tone. It also curtailed the amount of unhealthy adipose tissue that surrounded the liver. This study was published in Endocrinology.

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