Make Your Own Yogurt

Making your own yogurt has never been this easy. It also saves you money. Yogurt is very beneficial for your body. Actually, the health benefits of yogurt are so impressive that many health-conscious individuals make it an everyday routine or habit.

Benefits of Yogurt:
Decreases the chance of having high blood pressure
May help prevent vaginal infections
Decreases the chance of having osteoporosis
Helps you feel fuller

Ingredients for Making Your Own Yogurt
½ gallon milk
½ cup of commercial yogurt

Things you’ll need to Make Your Own Yogurt
A Dutch oven with cover or sauce pan, large enough to contain ½ gallon of milk
Small mixing bowl
Candy thermometer
Incubator – this could be anything from the Dutch oven used to heat up the milk, to a commercial yogurt machine.

Steps to Make Your Own Yogurt

Heat up the milk. In a Dutch oven or sauce pan, heat the milk below steaming or boiling, 200o F. Stir the milk softly until it heats up to ensure that the milk in contact with the bottom doesn’t burn, or the milk doesn’t boil over.
Cool down the milk. Allow the milk to cool down till it is merely hot to the touch, 113o F. It would be quicker if you place the pan over an ice water bath and constantly stir the milk.
Immunize the milk. Pour a cup of the warm milk into a small mixing bowl and whisk it with the yogurt. As soon as it is even, whisk it back into the pan of milk.
Incubate your yogurt. Here is the long waiting stage where the milk transforms into yogurt. Keep the milk around 110o F up until it has set, normally 4-6 hours.
Warm the oven about 115o F.
Place the lid on your sauce pan or Dutch oven with your immunized milk and cover the entire pot in a few layers of towel. These will protect the pot and keep it warm.
Place this pack in the warmed oven and adjust the timer. It’s essential not to disturb the milk as it is incubating so that it firms up properly. The longer the yogurt stays in the incubator, the thicker and tastier it will be.
The surface should be creamy and the flavor will be tart but milky. If you like it that way, pull it out.
If you prefer a tangier taste, set it aside for another hour or two. You may also make yogurt overnight, placing it in the oven at midnight and remove it in the morning.
Chill the yogurt. You may chill the yogurt in the same container you incubated it in resulting in a smoother result. After it is completely chilled, transfer it to air tight container for easier storage. You may notice that at times there will be a film of watery whey above the yogurt. You can drain this off or stir it back into the yogurt. Yogurt usually lasts about two weeks in the refrigerator.

If the milk gets down below 110o F while it is incubating, it is still acceptable.
As soon as you made one batch of homemade yogurt, there is no need for you to buy commercial yogurt to culture the next set. Make sure you save ½ cup of your homemade yogurt and use that instead.
Homemade yogurt is a great food to feed your baby after six months, along with other homemade baby food.

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