High fat dairy products do not always have a good reputation. Your love for creamy yogurt or rich cheese can be dampened by those who see these products as unhealthy. Despite this, recent studies on high-fat dairy reveal that it is associated with Type II diabetes in a good way—it reduces the risk for this disease. Studies also showed that low-fat dairy does not have the same effect at all.

Those who take in more than eight portions of high-fat dairy products every day, reduce their risk of developing Type II diabetes by 23%. It was found that though high-fat dairy products have high levels of saturated fat, they turn out to be protective against Type II diabetes.

How High-Fat Dairy Intake is Much Better
The latest studies showed that consuming high-fat fermented milk and high fat cream lower the risk of developing Type II diabetes. Consumption of about 180 ml of high-fermented milk a day, reduced the risk of Type II diabetes by 20%. At least 30 ml of high-fat cream in the daily diet reduced the risk of having Type II diabetes by 15%. Eating low-fat dairy products lead to a high risk in developing Type II diabetes because these products have more sugar in them.

High-Fat Dairy is Better for Cardiovascular Health in Type II Diabetics
According to the latest US research, full-fat dairy products prevent heart disease and stroke. This supports the previous assessments that healthy fats are essential in boosting one’s immunity. It contradicts the outdated study that saturated fats are the main cause of heart disease.

Many experts are disproving the study as well, leading to more enlightenment for those diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Higher levels of saturated fatty acids in the blood were found to reduce the risk of death from a stroke by 42%.

Full-fat foods help reduce Type II diabetes and improve cholesterol levels. This may be difficult for those who have founded their diet and lifestyle on past conceptions about full-fat foods being one of the causes of diabetes. They must be aware of the growing evidence that full-fat dairy products are, indeed, good for the body.

Previous findings about full-fat or high-fat dairy products should be disregarded because of significant scientific evidence that it helps protect against Type II diabetes. Talk to your doctor and talk about incorporating full-fat dairy into your diet. If you have been eating low-fat dairy products, perhaps it is time to make a change to full-fat for optimal health.

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