Essentials of Basaglar

Basaglar is a known brand of insulin glargine. This long-acting type of insulin helps patients with Type I and Type II diabetes. As with any injectable insulin, Basaglar is administered subcutaneously or just underneath the skin. This medication comes in the convenient Basaglar KwikPen. The pen contains 3 mL of the drugs and for every mL, it provides 100 units of insulin glargine.

General Effectiveness

Basaglar has been proven effective in improving levels of blood sugar in individuals diagnosed with Type I and Type II diabetes.
Usually, testing the HbA1c (hemoglobin A1c) helps measure the patient’s treatment response. It shows the average glucose levels in the blood over the last 2 to 3 months. A goal of under 7.0% HbA1c for most adult diabetics is what the American Diabetes Association recommends.

In Type I Diabetics

Basaglar was combined with mealtime insulin (For Type I diabetics) in a clinical study conducted on adults for 6 months. By the end of the said study, the HbA1c took a dive by about 0.35% in those who took mealtime insulin and Basaglar. In the group of participants, 34.5% of the individuals achieved a level of HbA1c of lower than 7%.

In Type II Diabetics

Another study was conducted on people diagnosed with Type II diabetes. The participants had been taking oral diabetes medications and another brand of insulin glargine. In the said study, those who took Basaglar with their prescribed oral diabetes medications for six months had reduced HbA1c by about 1.3%.

Comparison Between Basaglar and Lantus

Most people with diabetes are prescribed to use Lantus as their long-acting insulin medication. How does it compare to Basaglar?

  1. Safety and potency. Insulin glargine is the same active drug in Basaglar and Lantus. Basaglar is classified as a “follow-on” medication to Lantus. Just like Lantus, it’s a biologic drug, which is created inside a sterile laboratory and derived from cells that are alive. Even if this is the case, Basaglar is not a generic drug because an exact copy of a biologic drug cannot be created.

The process of making biologic drugs is extremely complicated. They aren’t even close to generic drugs for the fundamental reason that generics are made from chemical substances. Generics merely have the same copy of the branded drug’s active ingredient.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) states that follow-on insulins are as effective and safe as the original drug. Basaglar makes blood glucose levels better just like the way Lantus does. These two drugs also have the same adverse effects.

  1. Price. Both Basaglar and Lantus are both brand-name medications. Currently, there is still no generic alternative to either. Brand name drugs are usually more expensive than generic medications. Basaglar may be less expensive than Lantus. The price for either medication is based on the pharmacy, dosage, location, and insurance plan.

Known Side Effects

The following are the common side effects of Basaglar:

• Itchy skin
• Weight gain
• Allergic reactions
• Hypoglycemia
• Upper respiratory infections
• Rashes
• The skin around the injection site changes in thickness
• Reactions at the injection site (swelling, itchiness, pain, or redness around the injection area)
• Edema

Basaglar may be a follow-on medication but it is a more economical way to help people struggling with diabetes. If you want to know more about this biologic drug, talk to your attending physician. Once you start taking Basaglar, monitor the side effects and see your doctor as soon as you experience severe side effects.

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