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Blood Sugar Levels may not be Affected by a Two-Hour Gap between Bedtime and Dinner

According to a Japanese study published in the BMJ Nutrition, Prevention, & Health Journal, a gap of two hours between bedtime and dinner is not linked with any difference in levels of blood sugar among adults without diabetes.
Dodging snacking or another meal before you go to bed is perceived to be better for one’s long term health status. Japanese people are recommended to leave a gap of two hours, at least three times each week. Yet, the findings of the researchers in Japan suggest that weight maintenance, monitoring smoking and drinking, and sleeping adequately are better things to do to keep healthy. These are required to eliminate the risk of heart disease and diabetes, which are connected to elevated levels of blood sugar.

To lower their risk of diabetes and heart disease (lifestyle diseases that increase as a person gets older), 40 to 70-year-olds in Japan undergo regular checkups. Each health check includes eating habits, lifestyle checks, and blood sugar levels. They are also asked if they leave 2-hour gaps between the last meal of the day and their hour of nighttime sleep.
The researchers tested the data for the health checks of 1,573 middle-aged women in good health and a group of older adults without any health conditions linked to diabetes. The participants came from the Okayama Prefecture from 2012 to 2014. The researchers assessed the following:

• Levels of physical activity
• Eating habits
• How much alcohol they drank
• How much tobacco they smoked
• How fast or slow they ate
• If they did or did not skip breakfast
• Weight gain since 20 years of age

Drinking, BMI, triglycerides, smoking, blood pressure, and smoking showed strong links to alterations in HbA1c levels.

The study is observational, so the cause cannot be confirmed. The content and the timing of the evening meal was not determined either. Both might have influenced the results. The Japanese traditionally eat small portions of soup and various vegetables. This kind of diet may not apply to other nationalities.

You should pay more attention to the contents of your meals, portion control, sufficient sleep, weight control, and avoidance of drinking and smoking. These are variables that have a greater influence on your body’s metabolism.

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