Advertising with Your Health Worx

Who Can Benefit from Advertising with Your Health Worx?

Medical supply companies can use our advertising to help to boost the sales of their medical products for diabetes, such as glucometers.

Drug companies can use Your Health Worx to help to spread the word about new products and services they are providing to manage diabetes.

Recipe and foodie sites can use our advertising to help them to bring in more traffic and more contributors to the diabetic recipes on their websites.

Banner advertising  is a great way to generate site  traffic to generate revenue, for your website. The easiest way to send traffic to your website is to post an advertisement on a web site that offers a reasonable cost and moderate to high traffic.

YourHealthWorx offers quality banner and advertising for cost effective prices.

Our current traffic rates are about 240-350 per day while page views run between 500-650 per day.


Advertising Sizes Available on Your Health Worx

This is a 250 x 250  block of advertising.

This is a standard banner, 468 x 60.

This is a 300×600 advertisement. It is also known as a half page advert and gives you plenty of space. Your ad can be placed on any post or internal page.

This is ideal for skyscraper type advertising. This ad is  160 x 600 tall

Advertising Pricing

Front page side bar


Monthly $50

Weekly $20


Monthly $100

Weekly $40

Internal Blog post ads

Contact Us for pricing.